You must be at least 18 years old to use any of our devices. All riders must be of sound mind, and can competently operate an e-scooter and/or bicycle on their own. Practicing is not allowed when using our devices. Please note you will be liable for any damages incurred during your rental period.

Moovr PH is a Metro Manila–based bike and e-scooter sharing company.

We provide easy and sustainable mobility for Filipinos wanting to beat the city traffic. Download the Moovr PH app on iOS or Android to get started!

We advise you to wear a helmet for your own safety. Riders are responsible for bringing their own safety gear.

For bicycles, we charge ₱25.00 for every 15 minutes or a fraction thereof. Example: A 5-minute bicycle trip will be charged ₱25.00.

For e-scooters, we charge ₱30.00 for every 10 minutes or a fraction thereof. Example: An 11-minute e-scooter trip will be charged ₱60.00.

Riders are responsible for planning their rides according to their credits and ensuring mobile data access. Moovr is not liable for any slow connections by riders’ data provider. Please be reminded that unpaid rides will be reported to authorities.

Find a scooter on the app that you’d like to reserve, and click “Reserve” to reserve a scooter for up to 10 minutes. A reserved scooter is no longer available for others to rent, and reservation fees have the same rates as prevailing rental rates, or PHP 30 for up to 10 minutes.

Reservation fees are a separate charge from rental fees, and charges start the moment a scooter is reserved. Cancelled reservations and reservations that were not used to ride are non-refundable.

We currently allow every user account to rent one PMD at a time. Should your companions wish to rent a PMD, they should create an account and sign up with us first.

You may find us in Bonifacio Global City and Makati Central Business District!

Bicycles and e-scooters can be found on the map with a corresponding icon. You may click on this icon to see details such as rates and battery levels.

Our service boundary is limited to the ones within the green lines you’ll see on the app. Please note that our bikes and scooters are not allowed to go beyond our service areas.

Our hubs are also visible in the app marked in blue, and restricted areas are marked in red.

Our service boundary is limited to the ones within the green lines you’ll see on the app. Please note that our bikes and scooters are not allowed to go beyond our service areas.

You may submit a ticket via mobile app.

Our Customer Service Representatives are available Mondays-Fridays, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, excluding holidays.

Simply scan the QR code located on the lock and start riding. It’s that easy!

You may also select the ride within the map and remotely unlock the device. Please make sure you are within the vicinity of the device you unlocked.

You can rent our rides for a maximum of 24 hours! However, you may have to return the e-scooter sooner if its battery is below 15%.

Our hubs are shown on the app and marked in blue. Kindly park your rented device properly within these areas for the next user, and make sure they are within 3 meters of our standees. Please note your Trip does not end until the device is properly parked in our hubs. Abandoning a vehicle outside our hubs or improper parking may result in permanent termination of your account and use of our services.

First, make sure that you are within our hubs. These areas are marked in blue on the app. You must be properly parked before locking the bike as you will not be able to move the device after.

Make sure that the wheel spokes and the reflector on the wheel are not getting in the way of the lock barrel. Push knob down until you hear a click. You may now end your ride!

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